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The Transversal Continuity :icontf-tvc: and its creator Rh1n0x :iconrh1n0x: have the pleasure to announce that Issue #2 of TransWarp: Csirac is now complete!

(And just two short years after Issue #1! ;p)

As always, an enormous Thank You! to all the Artists involved in bringing this story to life. We're now more than halfway through the Csirac story. Fingers crossed the second half doesn't take quite as long.

Cheers, enjoy, and feel free to comment!
- Rh1n0x.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hey, I'm Chris.

I'm a Transformers Fan and have spent the past 5 years writing a story that I'm hoping some great artists here on DA might be able to help me turn into a Comic Book Series.


TransWarp: Csirac
Issue #4

Page 1:

Panel One
The chamber is a scene of carnage. Limbs of dead Predacons litter the floor. Silverbolt is engaging with a Proto-Pred. Behind him, the Amplifier is emanating Trans-Ions that weave their way up through the ceiling of the chamber. A large charge rushes back down the trail.

SFX: Shhhhhhhooooowwwwww…

Panel Two
Silverbolt finishes off the Predacon fighter with one of his swords.

SFX: Kek-klehhh

Panel Three
Csirac lifts the Amplifier with a struggle as Silverbolt rushes over and helps him.

Csirac: They’re coming.

Silverbolt: Who’s they?

Panel Four
Silverbolt helps Csirac from under the Amplifier.

Csirac: Friends.

Silverbolt: I’ve gotta get you out of here.

Page 2:

Panel One
A large Predacon rushes into the room and Silverbolt turns to engage him. Csirac drops to the floor.

Panel Two
Silverbolt has his back to the doors as he engages the large Predacon. A Proto-Pred rushes into the room with an axe above his head, ready to swing it down onto Silverbolt.

Panel Three
A close-up of the Proto-Pred’s head as it melts from the burst of a blaster.

Panel Four
Silverbolt kills the large Pred and turns to see the Proto-Pred fall to the floor dead. At the foot of the Amplifier is Csirac, a blaster unsteady in his hand.

Panel Five
Silverbolt returns to Csirac’s side, whose arm drops and the blaster falls from his grasp.

Silverbolt: For a ‘bot that’s never picked up a blaster before, you’re not a bad shot.

Csirac: That makes us even.

Silverbolt (2): I can still get you out of here.

Page 3:

Panel One
Silverbolt puts his hand on Csirac’s shoulder, but Csirac puts a hand on his forearm to stop him, and looks squarely into Silverbolt’s optics.

Csirac: After they come through, promise me you’ll destroy it.

Silverbolt: I will. Now come on-

Csirac (2): I said I wanted to die looking at the stars, Silverbolt…

Panel Two
An angle from below Csirac and Silverbolt, looking upward. The Trans-Ions paint the room with colour.

Csirac: I can see them. I can see her.

Silverbolt: Csirac…

Panel Three
The Trans-Ions fall around Csirac as he goes offline.

Csirac: A lot of good. The answer to your question -- A lot of good...

Panel Four
Wider shot of the room at large. Silverbolt is crouching beside Csirac as the Ions rain down. Silverbolt’s old body lies strewn on the floor among the debris of dead Predacons.

Silverbolt: Thank you, Csirac.

Page 4:

Panel One
The two enormous Predacons are still stationed outside the room containing the tattered bodies of Divebomb and Headstrong.

Panel Two
A small robot arachnoid flies through the air towards them.

Panel Three
It grabs onto one of the Guards and exudes electricity. He looks down at it with anger.

SFX: zzt-zzt-zzt

Dialogue PNL: Oh, how unfortunate…

Panel Four
More arachnoids fly through the air.

Page 5:

Panel One
The Guards are covered with the arachnoids and the electrocution gets worse. Down the corridor, Taranachus can be seen walking towards them.

SFX: tzzzt-tzzzt-tzzzt-tzzzt

Taranachus: … for such a door to be left unattended.

Panel Two
Taranachus types on the door’s control panel.

Taranachus: Who knows what damage could be done if one were to enter.

Panel Three
The guards lie stricken on the floor, being continually electrocuted as the doors open.

SFX: tzzt-tzzt-tzzt-tzzt

SFX: Shhhoooom

Panel Four
Angle of Taranachus entering into the darkness of the chamber. The guards are lifeless on the floor as the arachnoids begin to follow Taranachus in.

Taranachus: Unfortunate, indeed…

SFX: Tihihihihehehe... (Taranachus laughing)

SFX: tk-tk-tk-tk-tk-tk-tk-tk

Page 6:

Panel One
A surge flies down two separate cables, each towards a different pod.

Panel Two
The pods bristle with light.

Panel Three
Prowl and Ironhide, in their new Maximal bodies, emerge from their respective pods, looking at each other.

Panel Four
An angle from behind them shows a large Predacon, angrily glaring down at them. They both raise their fists, ready  to fight.

Page 7:

Panel One
The expression on the Predacon’s face changes to one of confusion and pain.

SFX: Shha-Shunkk

Panel Two
The Predacon topples forward, dead. Clinging to its back, with his sword buried in its back up to the hilts, is Silverbolt.

SFX: Kaa-doooom

Panel Three
As the dusts settles, an angle from behind Silverbolt. Ironhide steps forward.

Ironhide: Silverbolt?

Silverbolt: Ironhide? Haha! By Primus, it’s good to see you!

Panel Four
Prowl is examining his new body.

Prowl: Most impressive.

Dialogue PNL: Prowl?

Page 8:

Panel One
Silverbolt and Prowl shake hands.

Prowl: It’s good to see you too, old friend.

Panel Two
The three new Maximals look around as the roof begins to crumble around them. Ironhide is smiling.


Ironhide: I’ve missed that sound.

Prowl: The war continues?

Silverbolt: Some things don’t change.

Prowl (2): Others definitely have.

Panel Three:
A shot of the three new Maximals looking towards Csirac, still lying at the foot of the Amplifier. The room continues to crumble around them.

Silverbolt: His name was Csirac. He brought you back to help end the war.

Ironhide: Then it’s time we gave these new bodies a test-drive!

Silverbolt (2): You’ll find there’s more to them than meets… well, you know.

Panel Four
A transitional transformation of the three Maximals merging into Magnaboss.


Page 9:

Panel One
Magnaboss stands magnificently.

Magnaboss: Welcome back, Maximals.

Panel Two
Magnaboss draws his sword from over his shoulder, and grins.

SFX: Shhhhhhhhwwiiiiiiii

Panel Three
Close up on Magnaboss’ face.

Magnaboss: Let’s shred some Pred!

Page 10:

Panel One
Rhinox walks into the Predacon chamber with Silverbolt, Prowl and Ironhide. There are Maximal security troops sifting through the rubble.

PNL: Many cycles later.

PNL: Peace.

Silverbolt: I’m  told you worked closely with him on the TransWarp technology, therefore you have the best chance of understanding his work here.

Panel Two
A Maximal Troop hands Rhinox the Amplifier. Silverbolt looks on.

Silverbolt: I promised Csirac I’d destroy it – a task I now pass to you.
Link PNL: Pull it apart, melt down its components. But in doing so, I want you to figure out how it works.

Rhinox: No offence, but I don’t think that’s exactly what he meant.

Panel Three
An angle on a Maximal Trooper holding some detection equipment.

Maximal Troop: Sir, I’m detecting a large Predacon energy sig-

Page 11:

Panel One
Magmatron bursts from under the debris in the room, roaring. Ironhide has drawn his weapons.


Panel Two
Ironhide stands in front of Magmatron, weapons charged.

Ironhide: Predacon, stand down!

Panel Three
Magmatron lunges forward and easily knocks Ironhide aside with one arm and draws out a sword with the other.

SFX: Erghhh

SFX: Shhhhwwaaaa

Page 12:

Panel One
Magmatron continues forward. Prowl and Silverbolt draw their weapons.

Silverbolt: Your leaders have signed an official notice of-

Panel Two
Magmatron starts to receive heavy gunfire.

Silverbolt: Woah!


Panel Three
Magmatron falls to the floor, smoking.

SFX: Da-Booom

Magmatron: Urrgghhhhh…

Panel Four
Everyone looks for the source of the firing and all look at Rhinox, who is holding up two chainguns, smoking from the barrels. Rhinox is grinning slightly.

Rhinox: Not too shabby.

End Csirac #4
End TransWarp: Csirac

I'm producing an online Transformers Comic Book series and I'm in need of Line Artists and Colourists to collaborate with on future pages.

The project is called the Transversal Continuity :icontf-tvc: and it is already the best part of 4 Issues through its proposed 7 -- but in order to get to the end, I need your help.

Unfortunately, the project is non-paying, but that hasn't stopped the 80+ Artists that have already donated some of the their time and skills to the project to date.

I'd love to discuss the details with any interested Artists in further detail, so please get in touch.

- Rh1n0x.

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